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Is Tor a Honeypot?

Is Tor Legit or an FBI Honeypot?

No, Tor is not a Honeypot. There are some sites and vendors that set up phishing traps. Tor is filled with illegal activities which are largely unregulated. This creates a greater opportunity for identity theft than browsing the regular internet.

Tor Browser Featured

Is Tor Browser Safe? (Anonymous Dark Web)

The Tor Browser is safe for normal browsing. There are many illegal activities happening through this network. Simply accessing and viewing information is safe and legal. Your activity and interaction with this resource (such as making purchases of contraband) can be illegal and cause you harm.

Is Ashley Madison a Safe Site?

Is Ashley Madison a Legitimate Website?

Ashley Madison is not a safe site. In 2015, approximately 36 million users had their personal information exposed in a massive hack. An investigation found the site had negligently poor network security. The owners also engaged in fraudulent business practices including the creation of thousands of fake accounts.