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Are internet proxies legal?

Are Proxies Legal?

Proxies are legal in the United States, the UK, and most countries. They are illegal in some places including China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. This is due to the censorship of content they believe undermines the power of their government or cultural beliefs. Because a proxy server can bypass these restrictions, it could be used for illegal purposes.

JavaScript Obfuscation

Best JavaScript Obfuscator

ProGuard is the best JavaScript Obfuscator. It is the most advanced tool and boasts many additional features such as code optimization. This software is not only free, it is open-source and trusted by a large number of programmers.

Is Tor a Honeypot?

Is Tor a Honeypot?

No, Tor is not a Honeypot. There are some sites and vendors that set up phishing traps. Tor is filled with illegal activities which are largely unregulated. This creates a greater opportunity for identity theft than browsing the regular internet.