JavaScript Obfuscation

Best JavaScript Obfuscator

ProGuard is the best JavaScript Obfuscator. It is the most advanced tool and boasts many additional features such as code optimization. This software is not only free, it is open-source and trusted by a large number of programmers.

Best Annual Credit Report

Which Annual Credit Report is Best?

Equifax is the best annual credit report. It consistently uses the most updated FICO score making it more relevant. All three of the major reporting agencies are important. You can obtain your credit report from all three for free. Use all of them over the course of the year to maximize their benefit.

When are IRS pins sent out

When are IRS pins sent out?

IRS PINs are sent out from mid-December through mid-January. You should expect your IP pin within three weeks from when it was sent. If there is a problem, call them directly at 1 800 908-4490. You will have to verify your identity.